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Brooke Mitchell is a mystical soul from Orange County, CA. Athletic by nature, and always experimenting with different forms of movement since childhood, she discovered her passion for yoga at the age of 17. Since then, she embarked on an inner journey. Understanding that all beings have the power to heal their minds, bodies, and spirits fascinates her and she hopes to empower others on their paths and offer her shining light. She has over 450 hours of training in Prana Vinyasa ® Flow with Kelley Doyle, who is a senior assistant for Samudra Global School of Living Yoga, founded by Shiva Rea. The path of yoga and introspection led Brooke to discover the healing power of touch. She completed 1,100 hours of education at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health and is certified by CAMTC. Brooke continues to work closely with her teachers and mentors, constantly striving to master her craft. She treats everybody she meets with the highest intention and serves as a vessel for healing.