The classes of ALIGN Yoga focus on precise positioning of joints for a safe and supported experience. Our students are guided to methodically think about their body from the outside in with awareness in the breath and movement coordination with the breath. 

Mind and body connection is the primary goal to release stress and reset all of your autonomic systems into balance. ALIGN Yoga focuses on precise positioning of joints for a safe and supported experience.



For newbies- to advanced beginning students interested in studying Yoga in a systematic, progressive sequence with a focus on mind body connection. Classes are semi-private ranging from 1-8 students

This class is great for brand new students or those wishing to advanced their self-awareness while studying Yoga. It is also perfect for the student that wants a no risk way of strengthening their entire body while relaxing their mind.

ALIGN Yoga Semi-private Classes are excellent learning environments with student growth and expansion into health are the main focus. The small class environment lends itself to have multiple levels of experience share a fun and energetic good time.  


Class Descriptions

Iyengar Yoga Gentle Adapted: This class is ideal for those looking for a slower, supported yoga class that modifies poses to meet individual needs. Seniors, those recovering from injuries, or those with chronic health issues can practice in a relaxed, non-competitive environment. Yoga is for everyone and this class can introduce you to its many benefits in a safe and friendly way.

Iyengar Yoga All Levels:  Iyengar Yoga is known for the clear and precise method of instruction and demonstration that allows students to safely and effectively enter, hold, and exit the poses. Props are used to support less flexible students and enhance the extension of more advanced students. Beginning students are led step-by-step through the postures while advanced students can refine and deepen their practice with more detailed instruction.  

ALIGN Yoga REstorative: A gentle relaxing class for the student that may want to reduce mental stress and physical tension held in their body.  This class restores the body and mind through the use of blankets, bolsters, chairs, and belts so that poses can be comfortably held for longer times. All levels