Mindfulness KIDS' YOGA in Costa Mesa

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Uta Ando is a yoga teacher and a founder of mog&yoga based in Orange County, CA. She is certified by RYT200, mini yogis yoga, Radhika Aroma Yoga, and Yo Re Mi Kids Yoga.


She believes in the mindfulness approach, so participants develop the skills for inner peace.


Being an 11-year practitioner of yoga herself, Uta has 4-years of teaching experience serving over 1,000 students in bilingual Japanese-English communities in California.


Uta offers unique family yoga/art classes and events and is passionate about serving the community.


Yoga is a well-balanced interweaving of physical and mental/emotional activity.


As a support role to make everyday life more comfortable and meaningful for your child, this kids' yoga class offers various activities to help them with the following concerns. 


・Lack of exercise 

・Stiff body

・Easy to fall

・Easy to get tired

・Hard to fall sleep

・Poor posture 

・Stressed out

・Mouth breathing

・Hard to communicate with others

・Lack of showing creativity and imagination

・Hard to express emotion, get upset easily 


The class is designed for ages 4-9.

Schedule (Day/Time): 

We will meet three times in February 2023.

February 6, 13, 27

Mondays, 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM

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Mindfulness KIDS' YOGA in Costa Mesa
February 6, 2023