You know you want it- $30 off your next massage!

Listen; do you need another excuse to schedule a crazy good massage session?

Here are some reasons to pick us:

* We conduct a client interview prior to the session. Yup, we will ask you exactly what you want to get out of your massage session. We are NOT mind-readers over here- or are we?

* We know ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY, which basically means we know how your body is supposed to bend, move, twist and shout. We will not be pressing on nerves and important areas like old injuries plus we know your arm doesn't bend that way too.

* Our s&%$# is CLEAN. Yup, we wipe our equipment down between clients and we make sure that your linens are so fresh and so clean, clean. (Cue OutKast)

* We are owned and ran by a Massage Therapist with over 19 years of experience. As an OG of the industry, she has taught us well and if we need an extra 5 minutes to wrap your session up, you get your 5 minutes. Consider us the anti-franchise massage place.

* We make you feel at home...seriously we do and we love it.