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Come in to our studio and experience total relaxation - yes, we are open! 

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Come in or schedule a zoom tour of the studio, chat with Nayelli, and see how her treatment plans made up of a combination of bodywork, yoga sequences and frequency/energy balancing can help you. We can talk about single sessions or wellness plans, whatever makes you happy.

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Our in studio Services

because nothing really beats a professional - especially when it's safe

in studio services

bodywork-Massage THERAPY SESSIONS

60 minute sessions of 1 on 1 focus from Nayelli. She'll work through your body and have you leaving the studio feeling better than before you came in

relaxation reiki massage
pain relief and Structural Re-alignment
Pre and post- natal Massage

relaxation-reiki massage

When you need to chill out because you're stressed out, kids are driving you nuts and work projects are to the max!
This targeted massage or bodywork session is geared to help release tension in your body in order to help you sleep better, breathe better, feel better

This is a session for when you are feeling out of whack, tired, anxious, or low energy.  The combination of massage with a focus on craniosacral therapy, breath-work, reiki, and energy balancing is like a cleansing from the inside out. This will be your new “relaxation” bodywork-massage, so make sure you book ahead.

Frequency of sessions depends on your needs and goals, but I recommend a minimum of a relaxation-reiki massage twice a month to keep stress minimal and moving into a preventative mode.

pain relief and Structural Re-alignment

This is the closest we are going to come to “deep tissue “ or “sports massage” of years past. Now we are focused on relaxing/releasing nerve pain while nudging the structure towards balance and relaxation all with care and gentler pressure. The old days of "no pain no gains" are gone and replaced with more intelligent ways of working with the body.

In this targeted bodywork session we will use neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, tissue sculpting, structural realignment , craniosacral, cupping, trigger point therapy and alignment based yoga to nudge your body gently out of pain from established patterns that may be causing injuries or limited range of motion.

These sessions are best done in a series of 3-6-9 session according to the schedule we decide to achieve your goals

Pre and post-natal Massage

The comfort of mom and baby is the priority during this session, so we use a lot of pillows to make sure maximum relaxation is achieved. I have taken many mommies from pregnancy to post-natal, and at this stage, it is all about relaxing the hips, low back, neck, and shoulders.  Also helping with sleep by relaxing mommy is always a plus. While the babies feel mommy relaxing they either become more active or chillax themselves.  It is so much fun to feel babies become used to therapeutic touch, starting them off to healthy habits even before birth.

Post-natal session help with "mommy arm" the new pain at the neck and shoulders from breast feeding and holding your new bundle of joy.

Frequency of sessions vary on mommy’s needs and preference, I recommend a minimum of once a month to keep up with maintaining  mommy relaxed and as pain-free as possible

The fine print

Our cancellation policy requires a 48-hour notice otherwise the FULL PRICE for this service will be charged on the card on file, it's not that we don't like you, it's that we value our time and energy and we have set aside this time for you.

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